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As the leader of a labor organization, I am privileged to be invited to many meetings whereby other business professionals and elected officials are making major decisions regarding our daily quality of life.  More than a few times, those in attendance and making decisions aren’t reflective of the communities we live, work and play.  If we aren’t at the table representing our own thoughts and desires, then who are the people speaking for us, our neighborhoods, and the businesses we own and operate?  Are these people speaking for our communities or only for their own?   YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO HAVE A VOICE AT THESE TABLES.


According to PEW Research, in the 2016 Presidential Election, White voter turnout increased, Black voter turnout decreased, and Latino voter turnout held steady from 2012.  It is certainly your right to vote or not vote, but we must keep in mind that by not voting, someone else is voting and making decisions for us; these are the people in the room speaking for us, and sometimes against us.  This is evident based on the results of the 2016 Presidential Election and is certain to happen in our local election on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, unless we make our voices heard and get out and vote.


If we feel that we often do not have a voice, it’s because often, WE DO NOT!  Could it be because a great majority of us don’t vote?  Short answer, YES.   A small minority of “representatives” make the decisions for the “majority” of the citizens.  There are politicians attempting to silence you by purging you from voter rolls because you are not utilizing your right to vote.  This is serious people!  This is just the beginning of elected officials taking away your rights.  We must get off the sidelines and engage in the selection process of our leaders.  You may not be physically at every table, but you have a chance to elect those that will best speak for you.  Through your vote, you speak for yourself!  


Will the politicians we elect be all that we want them to be all of the time?  Absolutely not, but we must learn how to hold them accountable while they’re in office by making sure they know that we voted for them, and we’ll organize our political strengths and vote against them if they fail to represent us.  There are many politicians that genuinely care about YOU and genuinely want to represent YOU.  However, many politicians no longer solicit your vote because your voting history tells them not to bother.  Your inactivity in voting tells them that you are no threat to them.  Let’s change that immediately by voting today at the Early Vote Center or go to your designated polling location on Tuesday, September 12.  If you don’t vote in September, your candidate may not make it to the ballot in November


Please…..Take this time and SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!



Business Manager

LIUNA Local 500


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